Flower Jelly Dessert





Ingredients part 1

3 tsps agar agar powder

3 cups of water

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 tsp vanilla

Ingredients part 2

3 tbs coconut milk

Food coloring


Pairing knife

Plastic bottle

Tin foil


Mix all the part 1 ingredients together on the stove on low heat except for the food coloring for 5 minutes. Pour out 1/2 a cup into a small bowl and add coconut milk. Mix quickly and pour into a shallow container to make the first layer of the dessert.

Split the rest of the contents of the pot into 4 parts. 3 parts po

ured in bowls and the 4th left in the pot. Color 3 of the bowls green, red and yellow separately and the pot should be left as is (this will be used as glue and for the last layer). leave the pot on low to keep the jelly from solidifying.

Pour each of the 3 colored jellies into separate large plates. The jelly should be about 2-3mm thin. Let dry.
Cut a clean plastic bottle into a 1/2″ by 3″ strip. This will be used as a cutting tool for each flower petal. Bring the ends of the plastic strip together so it forms a raindrop shape. Use the raindrop shaped cutter and press it into the red and yellow jelly making 3 different petal sizes (small, medium and large).


Fold a piece of tinfoil into a small cupcake shaped container the size of a 350ml bottle cap. Place large petals around the inside of the tinfoil cup. Use the jelly in the pot to glue each petal together as you add the layer of medium and small sized petals into the tinfoil cup. Once the jelly solidifies in the tinfoil cup, you should be able to remove the flower in one piece. Using a pairing knife, cut out green leaves in the green jelly and attach them to the flower using the jelly “glue”. Repeat this process using red or yellow jelly until you have the desired number of flowers to decorate your dessert.
Place each flower onto the first layer of the dessert poured earlier. Use the remainder of the clear jelly as a final layer to secure the flowers onto the dessert.
– You can cut different petal shapes such as hearts.
– You can create additional layers such as coffee flavored layer using 2 teaspoons of coffee.
Refrigerate until serve!