Simple Fried Egg Noodles for One Recipe


Fried egg noodle recipe with vietnamese fish sauce 2


Fried egg noodle recipe with vietnamese fish sauce


1/4 cup of peeled Carrots (cut into thin strips)

1/4 cup of Green beans (cut into thin strips)

1/4 cup of Vietnamese sausage (cut into thin strips)

1 Imitation Crab stick (sliced)

1 small pack of egg noodles (boiled following instructions on package)

2 cloves of garlic (minced)

1 green onion (chopped)

1 small egg


In a small bowl, beat the egg thoroughly. Set an oiled pan on the stove at medium/high. When the temperature is right, quickly pour the beaten egg into the pan. Spread the liquid around the pan so it covers most of the pan’s surface. Turn the stove off and let the egg cook with the lid on, making sure the egg does not burn. When the egg is cooked, flip it onto the cutting board. Let it cool for 2 minutes and then cut into long strips.

On an oiled and heated pan on Medium/High, add the green beans, carrots, imitation crab, sliced egg, vietnamese sausage. Cook for 2 minutes, making sure the carrots are not too raw. Empty onto a plate, leaving the stove on.

Use the same pan to cook the chopped green onion for 30 seconds. Add the boiled and drained egg noodles. You can add some salt and sugar to taste. Cook for 3 minutes, then add the plate of cooked veggies and meats. Mix well for 1 minute. Turn off the stove and serve the noodles on a plate.